Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ujjwala Raut Editorial

Since Vogue India won't put an Indian model on its first cover,
I am going to post more editorial work of Ujjwala Raut here.

Editorial: Lightness of Being
Photographer: Unknown
Magazine: Elle, unknown issue

Credit: Photos from Bellazon.com.


CHIC NOIR said...

I think its crazy that they won't place an Indian model on the cover for the first issue. It comes across as very disrespectful.

They did the same thing with Chinesse Vogue when they put Gemma Ward on the cover right in the middle of the Asian models.

Candid Cool said...

that's silly they wouldn't put an indian girl on the cover.

ujjwala is one of the tom ford era models, not some up & comer.

Colour Me Purple said...

It is disgusting . I am from India and out here everyone depends on either Bollywood Stars or Cricket stars to sell their products , hence many models make their foray into films to make money.Thats where the real money lies

Anonymous said...

Um, huh? They did Indian models on the first cover. MoniKangana Dutta and Laxmi Menon were both on it with actress Preity Zinta.

@Chick Noir: "they put Gemma Ward on the cover right in the middle of the Asian models."

You can say Chinese. It's okay. They were Chinese.