Monday, June 11, 2007

Du Juan Editorial for China Vogue

I am sooo in love with Du Juan here. The hair, the clothes, the postures, the look -- everything is perfectly gorgeous here. The editorial for China Vogue rivals those of Hye Park.

Editorial: Egg Shape
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Magazine: China Vogue Sept 2006

Credit: Photos from Du Juan Fan and IMG Models.


Anonymous said...

its a shame we don't see her in the big magazines anymore. I really thought she was going to be the next big thing after she was in ads for like ysl, vuitton, etc that season. but it looks like shes going away.

ive seen better from her. i think her posing looks odd and not in a graceful way..and i hate the haircut.

i would like to see more features on lesser known asian models though i know du, ai, hye and han are the popular ones, but it would be nice to see like daul kim, evgenia m, tao okamoto, juliana imai, etc. but i do think you are doing a good job.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon, it's hard to find good quality and full editorial photos of other Asian models.

I will try to include some of those you listed.

Secret Agent said...

These pictures look awesome. I really like her body movement, she's special =) Thanks for the hotel tips btw!

Anonymous said...

have you visited thefashionspot?

they have threads on almost most of the models and lots of editorials and such.

either way, i think you are doing a great job. it was just a suggestion!

Asian Models Blogger said...
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Carolina Lange said...

She looks fantastic, great photos!