Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sonny Zhou Editorial

I am so in love with this editorial because of the style used by photographer, LiQi. The blurry images are haunting and yet so beautiful. And Sonny Zhou is absolutely gorgeous.

Editorial: Modern Night
Photographer: LiQi
Magazine: Unknown (2004?)

Credit: Photos from


Belinda said...

Do you know where these shots were taken? Looks like the main street facing the Bund in Shanghai. Definitely the city's most picturesque street (at night time anyway), with all its soft lighting and Parisian styled buildings.

BTW - I just saw your comment re my 6am to 8am "me"'s not going at all unfortunately! My fiance's sister was staying with us so routine kinda got thrown out the window. I must say though, I HAVE been enjoying the extra sleep ;o) Thanks for asking.

Asian Models Blogger said...

I don't know where these photos were taken but I got it from a Chinese stylist's site, so I assume they were taken in Shanghai.

Azn-Porkey said...

These pictures are really nice and so is this model. Is this the photographer who did the editorial with model, Stephanie Shiu in the past FASHION magazine? Had similiar blurring effects.

...yeah, I don't think you'll remember, or know. Oh well. Good post though.

stilettoheights said...

LOVE THE CITY SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yes, I was screaming)

Azn-Porkey said...

Hey, I agree with you, Jessica Alba does know how to control her stardom whereas Lindsay is practically...married to the pappz. But, something about Lindsay I find very... intriguing and hot =) All my girl friends think it's sick that I find Lindsay hot. (SHE IS!)

Yeah, I love models...actually, obsessed with models and I especially love Asian models too because I'm Asian and it's nice to see some Asian faces in America. I really like Phillip Huang and Du Juan. Those two are my favs.

Don't thank me for visitng, you have a good blog here. Keep it up!