Saturday, May 26, 2007

Philip Huang, Ai Tominaga, Eugenia Mandzhieva, Colin Wee & Aline Serpa Editorial for L'Uomo Vogue

These photos are from an editorial called, Shanghai Hotel for the Italian magazine, L'Uomo Vogue, photographed by Greg Kadel. The first two photos (with text) are actually pages from the magazine while the rest of the (original) photos are from Greg Kadel's website.

Ai Tominaga (left), Eugenia Mandzhieva (middle in white) and Philip Huang (right)

Phililp Huang (left) and Ai Tominaga (front)

Eugenia Mandzhieva (left) and Philip Huang (right)

Ai Tominaga (left)

Ai Tominaga (center) & Aline Serpa (right)

Aline Serpa (left) & Philip Huang (right)

Liam (left), Philip Huang (middle in white) and Ai Tominaga (right)

Models: Ai Tominaga, Aline Serpa, Liam, Eugenia Mandzhieva & Philip Huang
Editorial: Shanghai Hotel
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Magazine: L'Uomo Vogue, 2007??


Mallory said...

Eugenia Mandzhieva is also featured in that editorial.

Also, some "new" asian models you may want to look further into: Daul Kim and Anna Wang!

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks for the information, Mallory. Which one in the photo is Eugenia Mandzhieva?

mallory said...

Hmm, third photo in the white, next to Ai. Fifth photo next on the left.

If you go to, there is another photo from this editorial on Eugenia's portfolio. Cheers!

vogue_wants_me said...

nice picz!!!
i luv ur site.
n i m new here.
give me support?:)

Secret Agent said...

Wow, these pictures are friggin amazing. In the last picture, the male model on the left should be Colin Wee at IMG.

Secret Agent said...
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Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks, Secret Agent for all the info.

I appreciate it.


OMG YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS?! he's only the hottest awsomest- except hes only half asian. His name is Daniel Henney and he's half Korean and half English. He has been in Bean Pole ads with Gwenth Paltrow and was in alot of Korean Dramas, most famous "My name is Kim Samsoon" and he is currently dating a chinese actress!

Asian Models Blogger said...

Which one in the photo is Daniel Henney?

jason said...

I am certain that Daniel Henney is NOT in this editorial.

vogue_wants_me said...

yea, i updated my site!!! celeb picz!
i can't wait to see ur new post!
which model do u like da best? i like gemma ward. she is dolly n gorgeous!

Secret Agent said...

In the last picture with Colin and Phillip, you mislabeled the models. Phillip Huang should be the middle model in the white and Colin Wee should be on the left.

Daniel Henney is NOT in these photos.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks for everyone's input.

Found some great photos of Daul Kim and Anna Wang, includuing Du Juan, Hye Park and Han Jin. Will post them next week.

Stay tuned!!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you one more :D

His name is Shunei Hoshima and is with NEXT model agency.

You can see him; back right 3rd photo
,far right in the 6th photo, way in the back of the 7th photo standing up, and he has a full page to himself which you haven't posted - you will find it on his section at

he has such a cool look + more interesting in my opinion than philip huang who features more here :(

keep up the good work!

-p.s. are you a member of TFS?

Anonymous said...


I forgot to mention. eugenia mandzhieva is on the cover of russian vogue next month :D I can't remember an asian model having an only girl vogue cover in europe (it probably happened but I dont remember)

well she is russian but descended from asia in a big way ^.-

Also i'm not sure if you posted it but trace magazine had a feature on eugenia mandzhieva + han hye jin (you can see han's feature on my fansite for her -

mallory said...

^ I think the last asian model with a single girl Vogue cover in Europe was Devon Aoki (but she's only half) for Vogue Germany in the early 2000's, and Ling Tan for Vogue Germany in the late 90's.

Asian Models Blogger said...

No, I'm not a member of tFs.

THanks for the comments.

cindy said...

why is Philip Huang listed under featured model as Paul Huang?

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks for noticing the error, Cindy. I have corrected it.

I keep typing Paul Huang instead of Philip Huang because I know a Pual Huang. :-)

Anonymous said...

Colin Wee is not actually in this shoot. The model that looks like him is actually Liam from Australia. I'm not sure which agency he's with.

Anonymous said...

yes. that is not Colin Wee. He is Liam from Australia who is of mixed parentage.

skywardprodigal said...

The long haired guy is Shunei Hoshimi (aka Hosimi).

Anonymous said...

pls get your facts right. That model on the left is not colin wee, but Liam who looks like him...