Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cici Editorial

I'm so in love with this editorial photos. It is absolultely gorgeous -- the colors, the model, the clothes, the theme, everything about it is perfect. Definitely one of my favorites.
If anyone has more information about this model, let me know. Her name is Cici and I assume she's from China.



Chloe top, Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti skirt

Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti

Jean Paul Gaultier


Editorial: Gypsy Spirit
Photographer: LiQi
Magazine: Unknown

Credit: Photos from


stilettoheights said...

OMG I am speechless, they are magic on paper.

redredday said...

WOW. these are amazingly beautiful. thank you for sharing this! where did you find these pictures?

redredday said...

oh sorry, i just saw the photo credit. i can't stop looking at these pictures...

Secret Agent said...

Wow, these photos are pretty snazzy. Nice colours. Never seen this model before either. Cool makeup too.

Anonymous said...

CICI is Simon Yam's wife.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks, anon.