Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anna Bayle Cover & Editorial on Philippines Tatler

Editorial: Beyond the Spotlight
Magazine: Philippines Tatler, April 2007
Photographer: Nigel Barker

Credit: Photos from Anna Bayle Model Blog.


Belinda said...

What an amazing figure! Especially in that last photo.

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way and hope you continue with your globe saving're doing brilliantly already!

Anonymous said...

Very fitting that the definitive Asian supermodel, the model that blazed the trail for all Asian models, is given space in your blog. Kudos!

true supermodel said...

How com you don't have any pictures of Channel Iman.

Anonymous said...

Interesting photos but I find the proportion a little weird and amateurish. There's too much "white space" around her body.

Not that this is her fault since she probably has very little control over how the photos get edited and published.

Anonymous said...

Yes the shots are amateurish and by Nigel Barker who's on ANTM. He primarily shoots the B-grade and gay mens magazines not the high end stuff.