Friday, March 16, 2007

Ling Tan in George Michael's video, "Fast Love"

Credit: Video capture from


Robert Vandenbego said...

Hi! Beautiful images. Thanks for your information about Asian models.Really you have a very interesting blog.
Regards ;0)

Madrid, Spain

NYC Fashionista said...

Mucho gracias, Robert.

Carolina Lange said...

The video is so beautiful!

Model Citzen said...

wow, i can't believe i haven't heard this song in years! thanks for posting this. i'm sad to say, i'm not too hopeful about bitten by sjp...i hope i'm proved wrong. loving the blog

Emily Lin said...

Nice post.. and thanks for posting the video... I like Ling. She's got the attitude. But I've never been heard of her quite some time. And now I've got all of it in your blog! Keep up your good work!

p/s: Mind if I link you?